Friskies Cat Concoctions

Friskies sent us some of their tasty cat concoctions... Oliver didn't mind testing them out but wasn't too happy about Lennon fork feeding him. Thank you Friskies, Oliver gives you his stamp of approval!

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Lennon's bow - Lennon & Co



The bond that they have is the sweetest thing I have ever witnessed. It has been incredible to watch their relationship grow as Lennon gets older and their interactions become more meaningful. My heart has never been so full. She knows just where he likes to be scratched and he knows when she is sad an needs a sweet nudge. These images truly show their love and these exact scenes are played out in our home several times a day. I am thankful she is here to make his life even fuller and that he is here to teach her compassion and mold her gentle heart.


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Headband - ZoZu Baby

Necklace - Coral & Cloud



Selfie Stick

Friskies sent us the sweetest package the other day, included was a selfie stick. Lennon needed no introduction to how it worked, she had that thing figured out right away and wasted no time getting Oliver in the frame with her. Thank you Friskies!!


Coloring and Treats

After a busy coloring session, Lennon snuck into the cupboard and brought the cat treats in for Oliver... "here go Oll-er" she said giving him a huge handful, she then dumped half the bag out on the floor for him. No wonder why he loves her so. (don't worry, we picked them up before he got a tummy ache)


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Headband - Jojo & Co