Backyard Bathtime

If you haven't figured it out yet, Oliver is more dog than he is cat, bath time is no exception. He has always been so great about letting me give him baths, I started him off with baths right away as a kitten and he has always sat nicely (although not happily) for each scrub down. Of course, we have the occasional "jump and bail" for the most part he stays put with the occasional whine and constant stink eye. The best part is for several hours after he gets bathed he is super cuddly and of course smells delicious. Tonight Lennon got to give him a bath for the first time, even though he is really good both with her and baths, we made sure to keep her behind him so she wouldn't be in his path should he plan a quick escape (he is not declawed so we wouldn't want an accidental scratch). He did great and let her scrub him down, dad stayed close by to help out.


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