Pooltime with Lennon and Oliver

We spend a lot of weekends at grandma and grandpa's house in the summertime (they have a pool!) and most of the time Oliver gets left at home but this weekend he got to come along, and boy was he happy to get to come with! He loved hanging outside on the patio and I even made him his own pool floatie (we don't believe in declawing cats so for sure he would pop any of our inflatables!) He actually enjoyed lounging in the pool with Lennon and appreciated that his strawberry floatie kept him dry. Dad was in the pool with them and close by to make sure everyone was safe (actually I was in the pool taking the photos too). We loved reading all of your comments on instagram this weekend when we posted the pool photos, check out our next post of these two lounging in their cabana... man, they sure live the life!

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Lennon's swimsuit - Nori Child

Headband - Fancy Free Finery