Cuddle + Kind

Every year for the holidays I try my best to give Lennon meaningful gifts. While some of the big box mass produced toys make it under the tree, I like to ensure she receives items that are heirloom quality as well. We love to support small shops, handmade, and local businesses as much as possible. Each year I like to share some of my favorite gift ideas that are out of the ordinary... this year one of my favorite little companies is Cuddle + Kind. They have the most precious selection of hand knit dolls made from premium cottons that are non-toxic and safe. If you follow my children's line, Nori Child, you will know I have a strong love for details and hand embroidery which is another reason I adore these little dolls. The best part, when purchasing one of their dolls you provide 10 nutritious meals to children in need though their giving partners, World Food Program USA and Children's Hunger Fund. I can't think of a more fitting way to celebrate the season!

Lennon hasn't stopped cuddling her new little pal, Sadie the Fox and Oliver thinks she is pretty great too. Thank you Cuddle + Kind!


Sadie the Fox - Cuddle + Kind

Flower on Lennon's Hat - Fancy Free Finery

Lennon's Skirt - Nori Child


We got an alpaca!!

We are over the moon excited to announce the newest member of our family!! Our cria (baby alpaca) Penelope Snowflake! She is a huacaya alpaca and just over a year old. We love her to pieces and you have probably already been seeing her on our instagram feed! 

We will be working over the winter to train Penelope and will share a lot on our social media accounts, we will also be posting some more info on yarn made from the alpacas on the ranch soon!

... since posting these we have added two more alpacas to our herd! Penelope's mama Elle and the most gorgeous girl Rose Star who we shared over on instagram as well... more photos soon!!

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A tiny toupee ...

We had some fun with this one... and I don't think I have ever laughed so hard while editing photos. Regardless of your political views, we hope this brings a smile to your face.

Stranger Things

If you haven't watched the Netflix series Stranger Things... 1. you're missing out and 2. you are going to think these photos are really strange.

Mohawk Rug - Lennon & Oliver approved

We spend so much time in our living room, and if you have a toddler you know that most of that time is spent playing on the floor. The rug we had was not holding up and we were in need of something that would provide a bit more for us. I was so excited when I came across this gorgeous rug from Mohawk, it met everything on our list... style, durability, quality construction, and it is super soft and plush making it the perfect spot for Lennon and Oliver to snuggle and play. From post bath cuddles to arts and crafts we couldn't be happier with our new Mohawk rug! I also love that it is made up from 100% post consumer product/recycled bottles! It is not only soft and eco friendly but also stain resistant, making it the ideal rug for families with kiddos and pets! :)

PS. Be sure to check out our fun little video on our instagram feed! 

Speeding Ticket

We borrowed our neighbors sweet ride  for some incredibly hilarious photos of Lennon and Oliver, Oliver played the part of the grumpy cop and Lennon was driving much too fast. Enjoy!


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Headband - Fancy Free Finery

Pokemon Go!

Have you found the elusive grumpy pikachu?! Now we see what all the hype is about.

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Lennon's Hat - Noxx

Sunset Wandering

When you're driving home and the sunlight is just too gorgeous, you pull over and let the "kids" out to have a little adventure. They thought this was great and even found a baby toad, but Oliver was more interested in licking Lennon than the toad, typical.

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Bloomers: EW McCall

Headband: Fancy Free Finery

Bracelets: June & Penny

Moon Hunting

Lennon's favorite thing to do is look for the moon each night, she get's especially excited when she can see the moon and the sun at the same time. Tonight we went on a little woodland hunt to find the moon, Oliver tagged along in his camping gear and promised to protect us from any woodland creatures.


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Lennon's Romper: James Vincent Design Co

Floral Headpiece: Miss Stevi Marie

Cabana Life

Grandma bought Lennon this adorable cabana and made sure to order the twin one so there would be a spot for Oliver, he finally got to try it out and we couldn't get him off it. His ego gets bigger when wearing sunglasses.


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Lennon's Hat: The Posh Plum

Pooltime with Lennon and Oliver

We spend a lot of weekends at grandma and grandpa's house in the summertime (they have a pool!) and most of the time Oliver gets left at home but this weekend he got to come along, and boy was he happy to get to come with! He loved hanging outside on the patio and I even made him his own pool floatie (we don't believe in declawing cats so for sure he would pop any of our inflatables!) He actually enjoyed lounging in the pool with Lennon and appreciated that his strawberry floatie kept him dry. Dad was in the pool with them and close by to make sure everyone was safe (actually I was in the pool taking the photos too). We loved reading all of your comments on instagram this weekend when we posted the pool photos, check out our next post of these two lounging in their cabana... man, they sure live the life!

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Lennon's swimsuit - Nori Child

Headband - Fancy Free Finery



Backyard Bathtime

If you haven't figured it out yet, Oliver is more dog than he is cat, bath time is no exception. He has always been so great about letting me give him baths, I started him off with baths right away as a kitten and he has always sat nicely (although not happily) for each scrub down. Of course, we have the occasional "jump and bail" for the most part he stays put with the occasional whine and constant stink eye. The best part is for several hours after he gets bathed he is super cuddly and of course smells delicious. Tonight Lennon got to give him a bath for the first time, even though he is really good both with her and baths, we made sure to keep her behind him so she wouldn't be in his path should he plan a quick escape (he is not declawed so we wouldn't want an accidental scratch). He did great and let her scrub him down, dad stayed close by to help out.


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Headband: Sherbert Lane

Bloomers: Vivie & Ash


Lennon's first date.

Lennon's boyfriend, who happens to live across the street, got new wheels tonight and drove over to pick her up for some off-roading. Oliver enjoyed watching them from the window, next time we assured him he can ride along too (once S gets the hang of this whole driving thing a bit better).

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Lennon's Headband: Sherbert Lane

Lennon's Bloomers: Vivie & Ash